Royal Enfield’s 650 Twin remains in high demand a year after the first bikes became available in the Australian market. Whether it’s the Interceptor 650 or the Continental GT, new owners of the Twin are hugely enthusiastic about their bikes and the custom changes offered by Mid Life Cycles that make each bike unique.

With more than 100 bikes delivered to our customers – and orders in hand for more – we’ve quickly become 650 Central, the place to go for your new Royal Enfield 650 Twin. Very few of those bikes have been delivered in standard form – and even those few have quickly been modified by us or by enthusiastic owners.

In recent months, as the 650 Twins have become more readily available, the Interceptor has drawn ahead as the more popular choice of the two models, but the Conti GT has its supporters, young and not-so-young. And then there are the customers who ask Mid Life Cycles to fit a GT tank and seat to their Interceptor or (like one of our demo bikes) an Interceptor tank to the GT. Whichever way you go, you’re sure to create your own unique and enjoyable 650 Twin.

And now we’re entering another stage in the fast-evolving Royal Enfield 650 Twin story: the Interceptor owner who wants some of the unique GT bodywork and maybe some flatter bars than the standard Interceptor fare… enter the Interceptor GT!

With such a great platform to work with, we’re getting into some real mix-n-match builds, and that’s before we start with several options for slip-on mufflers or even full exhaust systems; tail-lights and turn signals that complement the Sixties vibe; tyres that deliver aggressive looks and on-road performance in equal measure; seats that go beyond Royal Enfield’s own limited colour palette; and handlebars and levers, gauges and covers, and so many parts that individualise this great motorcycle. 

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    14 July 2019